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The curriculum for SSPP School follows the guidelines of the Department of Catholic Education of the Diocese of Buffalo and the Department of Education of the State of New York.  Physical education, health, music, art, library, technology, and Spanish are included as a regular part of the school curriculum.Curriculum

The students’ schedule includes formal religion classes, as well as preparation and participation in school liturgical celebrations.  In accordance with the parish program for religious education, students celebrate First Penance in second grade and First Eucharist in third grade.  Parent/guardian participation in the sacramental preparation of their children is required. 


Spanish is taught at SSPP School.  Primary concentration is on the middle grades (6-8), although Spanish is also taught in grades 3-5. If scheduling permits, other grade levels are added.  Students entering high school may be required to take a language placement test. 

Accelerated Placement Math (7 AP and Math 9)

The opportunity to be placed in Accelerated Math begins in Grade 7 at SSPP School.  There are several criteria that a student must meet in order to be placed in Accelerated Math.  Eligibility for Accelerated Placement Math requires that the student is successful in all of the following areas:

  • Maintain a high cumulative 6th grade math average (92% or higher)

  • Possess excellent study skills and demonstrate strong academic effort

  • Consistently score at mastery level or higher on the NYS Math Exam in previous grades (Grades 3-6)

  • Score at 90% or higher on the SSPP Grade 7 Accelerated Placement Exam (2 hour exam administered at the end of Grade 6)

  • Be recommended by the middle school teachers

If the student lacks one or more of the above, he/she would not qualify for Accelerated Math 7.  Any transfer student who wishes to participate in the Math 7 AP must meet the above requirements including a letter of recommendation from his/her math teacher.  Over the summer, students who successfully meet the above criteria will receive a letter indicating their eligibility from the school principal.  The student and parent will need to accept the placement for Math 7 AP (which includes the coursework for Math 7 and Math 8).  In addition, the student must maintain a grade of 90% or higher to remain in Math 7 AP during the school year.

?Upon successful completion of the coursework for Math 7 AP, the student will continue on to the Math 9 Common Core Algebra 1 course.  The student must maintain a grade of 90% or higher to remain in Math 9.  Upon completion of the course, all students will take the NYS Math 9 Common Core Algebra 1 Regents Exam in June.  The math teacher will then make a final recommendation for the placement in high school math.