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SSPP Hamburg School Board Members  October 10, 2017
Appointed Trustees:          
  Terms expire June 2018:        
  Kathy Dibb          
  Michael Reilly          
  Susan Santandreu Board Vice Chairperson    
  Eileen Lyon Board Secretary      
  Terms Expire June 2019:        
  Margaret Alexander        
  Deacon John Wlos          
  Nadine Schwanz          
  Terms Expire June 2020:        
  Richard Blake Board Chairperson      
  Kristin Galus          
  Mary Lou Stahl           
  Celeste Gray          
Ex-Officio Members:          
Reverend Arthur Mattulke Pastor        
Sister Carol Cimino   Superintendent of Catholic Schools  
Reverend Cole Webster Parochial Vicar / School Liasion